9 thoughts on “Rendering Large Scale Smoke in Blender

  1. Luinfor says:

    I follow many of this tutorials of how to create the smoke or fire or both none of those work… there is no smoke or fire at all even if I render it. none. I’m using v2.71 in win8

    • jonathanlampel says:

      Hi Luinfor,
      Are you using the voxel data texture on the domain with the correct domain object selected for the source?

  2. Jimmy Gunawan (@enzyme69) says:

    With Smoke Adaptive Domain, make sure you turn ON the “Map to Bound” in the Texture of your Smoke Domain Material so that you don’t get weird result in the rendering.

    When you create Quick Smoke, Map To Bound is already set to ON. But if you are creating Material + Texture for your Smoke from scratch, the Map To Bound is default to OFF.

  3. Loeny says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    I like to follow your tutorial but I cannot make the wind effect the smoke. I wind doesn`t do anything do you have any idea?
    Thank you and greetings Loeny

    • jonathanlampel says:

      Wind should effect smoke by default, so make sure you have the strength high enough to get a visible result. If that doesn’t work, let me know!

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