How to Make a Great Explosion

explosion title1

Learn how to make a great looking explosion using Blender’s smoke simulator and particle systems! Sorry it’s a bit long, but there was quite a lot to cover.

Please post your results, I would love to see them!

Here are some examples that I made using this technique:

You can download the final blend file here.
The car in the file is courtesy of computergeekman on BlendSwap.

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    1. Well it would most likely be the same process but rendered on a transparent background so you can put in parts of the explosion as billboard particles. Just my guess though I’ve never actually done it, sorry!

  1. Hey, Jonathan, great tutorial! Now I really the know process of simulating and rendering a great explosion in blender.

    Here is a link to my result:

    One thing that I did differently though was I didn’t set the ground plane as a collision for the smoke simulation. You can slightly tell that the smoke doesn’t react properly when it interacts with the ground. But when I did set it the smoke simulation was entirely different and it looked as if it stuck to the ground. So I decided to pass on that.

    But anyways, great tutorial, I will definitely look at your others.

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